That number means a lot to me today. That’s how many words I knocked out in a creative work in an evening. I don’t normally get that kind of number outside of NaNoWriMo, or my novel I wrote in my notebook last year. That is a HUGE confidence boost for me. This ended up proving to myself that not only can I write more than a couple hundred words in a day, but I can ENJOY writing again. It’s been a hard month, to be completely honest. Job front isn’t working out how I wanted or needed it to. I’ve still got options on the table, but I can’t keep doing things like I have been since January, so this grand experiment may be at an end soon. The problems and worries are for another post, though. This is about writing.

With everything going on this past moth, it’s been hard to want to do anything but the work things I’ve been doing. That includes writing, here at the blog and in the fictional worlds that I’ve so enjoyed creating. As the deadline is starting to loom on this specific story I’m working on, I’ve finally started getting in gear and getting it done. I wrote a couple hundred words a day the last week or so, but I knew that pace wasn’t going to cut it. So today, after a round of resume drop offs and check-ins, I started in earnest. Amazingly, even with some of the distraction that is the internet present, I got a lot done. I got a NaNoWriMo amount of work done. The NaNoWriMo daily goal is 1,667 words a day. If you do that, you’ll get somewhere around 50,000 words at the end of a month. I’ve completed NaNoWriMo two years running, and I’m gonna look to complete it for a third year come this November. This means that I know I can hit that goal. Hell, I know I can write DOUBLE that in a night if I fall behind, I’ve done it before. I rarely get that many words out outside of that time of year, though. Today, I surpassed the goal, and for the first time in quite a while, it felt good. It felt really good.

I hit a groove about 800 words in, and I powered through and past the goal from there. After I made it past the goal, I thought I’d attempt 2,000 words for the day, an admirable goal. I didn’t quite make it, but I did get close. Now that I’ve passed that goal, I can get myself to write further past it. Tomorrow’s goal is going to be 2,000 words by the end of the day (that being marked by the moment I fall asleep). If I do it right, I’ll surpass my goal again. The day after that, I’ll set the goal a little higher, then higher after that, and higher after that. It’s going to get kinda ridiculous if I keep that up, but it means I’ll get a lot done.

Also, I know that change isn’t going to happen overnight. I’ve written more year over year post NaNoWriMo 2012. That’s positive change. That’s what I’m looking for. If I drop off for a day, I’m not going to beat myself up. If I skip a day, I’m not going to be stern. If I plateau for a period, that’s good, that means I’ve found a new comfortable point. It’s all positives that I can use to move on and motivate myself to be just a hair better the next day. It’s all for the end goal of loving writing again.

Look out, world, I’m back on the job, and you may get to read it at some point.

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