A New Life

Hello all, especially those that follow me over from my old blog, Resolve This! My new blog is hosted here on my site, a definite first for me, even though i’m excited about the prospects. Right now it’s just appended to my new portfolio site, though WordPress may move through and take over for the complete design as I become stronger in design and coding over time.

Still, it’s good to be back, and it’s nice to have an actual home on the internet.  Here I can stretch out and see what I can really do with this.    There’s a year ahead of me, and I’m interested to see what comes.  If things go how I hope, this is going to be a year of change and hopefully some special moments that make life that much more interesting.  Honestly, that’s what I’m looking for more than anything else this year.  Screw “This year, I hope to meet that kick-ass girl I’d want to be with;” or “This year, I’ll have a job doing what I want to do;” or even “This year, I’ll move to Austin.”  No, more than anything else, I hope this year is interesting.

I hope something incredible happens that I’ve never experienced before and forces me to try something new, or learn to do things I’ve never done before. I hope I realize something that’s been right in front of me leads to a new adventure. I’m really wondering what I’m going to see come out of the next 11 months and to see what twist and turns come into my story.  I just. Can’t. Wait.

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