A New Realm

It’s always fun starting a new story. The cyberpunk story that’s in the works now is an interesting world that I know I’ve seen in my head from time to time, but it can take some time and luck for the elements to fit together to create a full picture. That’s happening now, It was interesting what brought it around. I saw a really cool image of a cyberpunk-ish character on Tumblr a few months back. The joints on the arms, hands and fingers were able to extend. It made me think a bit about the people wrking for the group that’s the main focus of Ghost In The Shell, but this person wasn’t dressed professionally. This was someone dressed to go out and have fun in the most extravagantly out there garb they could possibly put together. I thought about her, and I found something in that that I felt would be fitting for the lead character of this little ensemble that was forming in my head.

Sadly, the image in question that started the whole process in ernest is lost to my like list. It’s been weeks, so I can’t really find the post anymore. I’ve liked a lot of posts and articles since then. That may be a good thing. It makes me need to fill in the gaps of what I do remember about it with original things that come out of my head. It’s an interesting way to create that I haven’t used before. Images and such aren’t things that tend to be used in my process, but this time it is. It’s incredibly interesting for me because I’m starting to notice that the stories I’ve worked on are through a different process every single time. The house of horrors story I created was me trying to tell a story in flashback like one of my heroes, Neil Gaiman. Overture (which is completely unfinished) came from not just a love of operatic sci-fi, but it was also me wanting to make a specific political point. Powerful (still unfinished as well) is me throwing science fiction and superheroes even further together and seeing if it would bond. It did, and it became a rather fun to write chase story in the process. Phoenix (getting its first rewrite in nearly five years) was me taking one of my favorite fictional universes and wringing it out to see if I could find a story they hadn’t told, then realized it was it’s own world completely.

I don’t know if it’s like that for other writers, or if they find one process and stick with it. I almost don’t really care to know. My process changes every time, but that keeps it from getting boring. I love writing, but it can be hard to write if there’s not something of a spark behind it. Each different project having a different process spark gives it that extra life that makes me want to stay involved with that world. So in fact, I do know what my process is. My process is something drops an idea in my head, and if I feel it’s cool enough of a thought, it’ll get planted and start to grow. It’s nice to have a feeling that I know how something in my head works, as sometimes it feels like it’s an abyss where something just floats up from every once in a while.

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