2015: The Year That We… I Don’t Know

It’s been quite a long time, hasn’t it? You haven’t seen me. I haven’t seen you. Both ends of the conversation a little clueless as to why exactly that would be the case; or, on one side at least, too clueless to admit the reasons why that was the case.

The long absence has been of my own doing, both out of sheer laziness when it comes to getting any work done outside of my actual job, along with a severe business sensation once again caused by said job. That’s not me speaking ill of my job or my employers. I know it’s good to keep myself busy. I’ve got some issues where if I’m not able to laser focus on something, my brain can kind of wander and then become my own worst enemy.

To a degree, I guess that I just wasn’t willing to share, either. It was a rough few months there around the holiday season. The stresses of being extremely busy at work, coupled with a loss in the family. That just made that entire few month period a slog that wasn’t conductive to being terribly creative. Then, some issues I dealt with early on in 2015 made for a time where I didn’t do much of anything. I feel I’m better than I was, but I’ve still got a long way to go on that front.

Still, discounting all that, the last few weeks have been better for me on a creative front, and on a personal front. I’m out and about more than I had been for a long time, and I’m finally back to making writing and creating a habit again. I’m getting at least 500 words a day in (mostly in this story I have called SAGE, which I’m rather excited about). I’m looking at opportunities to raise the quality of my skills and thinking that I have a chance at doing just that. All in all, even with a bit of dread over how busy work is going to be for the next few months, I’m stoked about what’s to come. I’ve already started looking through my 2013 story, and I’m starting to make edits on the first draft. It’s not as easy a job as I hoped it would be , but still something I’m glad about getting around to. I let the story sit, stew and I guess ferment. I think I’m ready to pull it out and see if it still has any magic to it.

I’m going to be doing a hell of a lot of things, and I don’t necessarily think that’s bad. I just need to make sure I don’t overload myself. That’s where a lot of issues come in for me. I’ll overload myself emotionally, or physically, or both, and then just kinda shut down. I’m figuring out what those limits are and I’m doing my best to use them to my advantage from now on. 2015’s a new year. Let’s see what I do with it.

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