A Note

To those that read yesterday’s post and were possibly offended by it, I am absolutely sorry.  I know what I paid for books is a paltry sum compared to near anyone else, so I shouldn’t be complaining. I had paid for textbooks that day, and I wasn’t truly happy about that, and it kinda leaked into the blog I wrote.  I planned to make this an authentic writing experience for me and that I wouldn’t edit and just write what I thought at the time.

But still, I didn’t mean to offend anyone by that post, so I am sorry that I did.

One thought to “A Note”

  1. I apologize, I didn’t mean for my comment to come off like I was offended. I absolutely was not (though I can’t speak for the other commenter of course :P). My intention was just to point out you were angry about something ridiculous, in hopes of making you feel better about it.

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