A Return to Form

Man, it’s been a weird month. I landed a full time job at a company I really respect. I had to make sure I made a smooth transition out of the place I was working at. Then things have held up a bit at the new job. Now I’m in training and freaking out a bit because I’m not instantly adjusting to a type of work I’ve never done before. It’ll get better for me. It’s just me getting frustrated at myself more than anything. I’ll get better and hopefully will be awesome soon. I think getting into the location is gonna help, too.

I’m getting an awesome benefit at my new job, where I’m getting to see movies for free, so expect some reviews for newer movies to make their way up here in the very near future. I need to start reworking those review and criticism skills; they’re way too rusty at this point. I’m hoping I’ll get to a point where I write actual fantastic reviews. I want to be able to write to the levels of some of my favorites. I don’t see myself ever being an Ebert, though.

I’ve been working on my writing outside of reviews. I’ve started working on Powerful (my NaNoWriMo 2013 project) this week. I’m gonna finish the story on that one. I’m starting to get a little more of what it should be in there. That and the big twist for this story is kicking in. I’m kinda excited to take it down that final road. I know I’ve got more stories for Sara and her crew, too. It’s nice to be jumping back into the fray with them. At least Reinhardt’s developed a bit more since I first introduced him. And Sara… she’s probably one of my favorite leads I’ve ever written.

I just realized I’ve got a longer edition of Blue Radiance to write, as well. I didn’t think that one was going to develop as much as it did, but it’s got a surprisingly amazing amount of story to go for it. Lots of development to go on that one, but I really like the universe.

Well, I should probably be off to bed, as I’ve likely got work related things going on in the morning, so I’ll leave the internet be for now. Can’t keep filling it with my nonsense all the time. Just some of the time.


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