My name is Joshua Campbell. I’m a 2011 graduate from Ball State University’s Telecommunications department in the College of Communication, Information, and Media. I was a production option, finding my strengths not in main production work, but in post production editing of both video and audio. I’ve worked with Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Photoshop, After Effects, as well as software for the encoding of video and audio, as well as the publishing of DVDs.

The biggest achievement production wise that I’ve had so far is being the lead editor for the Stories of Science Immersion project at Ball State University. It was a definite challenge, but I was proud to work on it, and happy with the results. I’m hoping that I can build myself up over time and do something special in media one of these days.

Here on my site, you can see some of my previous production work on my Portfolio page. My resume is behind this link. If you want to know anything more or want , you can email me at joshua.m.campbell58@ gmail.com. There’s a space there that will hopefully avoid spambots. You can read my writing on my blog; and as I finish them, my other writings like novels and short stories will be available, at least in part, on here as well.

I hope what you see impresses, or at least you can enjoy some of it. The site will be updating as things change and work is added.



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