Another Night, Another Cover Letter

That cover letter I wrote tonight took longer than I expected to finish, but it’s done. It’s amazing how many cover letters I’ve written since I graduated out of college. I could almost get them all printed, bound and put into a book. Hey, there’s an idea. I don’t think it would have any selling power, though.

I’m doing a cover letter most nights of the week, but thankfully, my days are still relatively varied when it comes to schedule. If I didn’t have that variance, I’d probably go crazy. Thursday’s kinda become my “comics and tea” day. I head out at some point, make my way to the local comic shop that I have a pull list put together at. I pick up my new books (or a singular book, if it’s a week like this one) and I head to a little spot called Epoch Coffee to grab a big vanilla chai to drink while I catch up on my favorite stories. I can’t tell you exactly why, but it really puts my mind at ease when I can do that. I can decompress, my problems float from my brain for a bit, and I get to enjoy. It’s a big difference from the rest of the time where something is normally eating away at my brain. I either think I’ve failed at something, or failed someone, or just think that I could be doing better at whatever I’m doing. I don’t give myself a lot of slack, as my friend Vickie likes to tell me more often than not.

She’s completely right on that front. I really don’t give myself slack. My brain compartmentalizes my work into “what I’ve done wrong”, “what I’m about to do wrong”, and “What the hell is wrong with you”. Every once in a small while, I get some satisfaction from something I’ve worked on, or some event I was able to pull together. It’s something I think I need to work on this year. I need to give myself a few victories that sometimes may feel like failures in my eyes. There are lots of good things that I do or that happen to me that are just off what I wanted them to be that they end up crushing failures in my head, which just makes things worse for me.

In the next week, though, I’m going to try and combat that. I’m going to try and find at least one more victory every day. Whether that be something working out fantastically, or something just going right, or just making it through a rather hard situation, I’m gonna work on congratulating myself on those victories instead of just letting the negatives take hold and sway my mood. I know this may seem like a normal thing to most people, but for me, this is a revelation that I’ve had to meet with more than once. I do know that if I do this, I’ll feel better in the long run. If I’m terribly lucky, it may start becoming a habit, too.

Today’s victories: Another cover letter completed, four posts to my blog this week

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