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Geeze, I’ve kept myself busy for the last few days. If you’ve noticed, I haven’t blogged since six days ago. The reason for that actually turns out to be a busy work schedule, mixed in with surprising amount of extra curricular activity. Work was an incredibly busy time for me over the weekend, leaving me with little energy when I made it home to do much of anything more than curl up with good books. Curl up with good books I did, thankfully.

A Bad Idea I’m About To Do by Chris Gethard (who’s show I’ve mentioned before) was just the perfect collection of funny stories I needed after some stressful days. He makes me laugh harder than I ever think he should, and all with stories that if you look at from one direction, could just be a collection of rather depressing stories. Taking a look at them through his eyes, especially when you read the lessons he’s felt he learned from the experiences, lets you look on them in a much more enjoyable light. Having watched the show, it felt as if I could hear his voice in my head telling the story. I could tell he laughed quite a bit while writing it.

I also finished On Writing by Stephen King. This has been recommended to me for years as a must read if I was wanting to become a writer. I can absolutely see why after reading it. I highlighted more passages in this memoir than I did in most of my college textbooks. I felt a lot of what he felt when it came to the experience of writing and the creation of worlds, stories and ideas fit square into my experiences that I’ve had. It was nice to hear that the creation of stories can pop into your head out of nowhere, which happens to me a lot, though it can sometimes be incredibly hard to articulate after the fact, which also happens to me a lot. I was also glad to have yet another voice articulating that you do your best work when you’re not writing for a paycheck, but when you’re writing to create something. It was a refreshing read and I’m glad I got into it.

I’m working on The Martian by Andy Weir right now, hoping to be able to keep up with everyone else from the Sword and Laser book club. I rarely have the books they’re reading, and even more rarely have the money to pick up the books myself. This is one of those chances where I found the ebook on sale so I could jump in right off the bat. I’m early on in the story and still don’t see where it’s going to land, but I’m loving how we follow this characters story in his own words. I don’t know how he’s going to get out of the position he’s in. It just seems too dire.


Outside of these books, I’ve actually been working on my new story, Heartbleed pretty regularly. I’m also doing a slightly Elseworlds version short story of my novella/novel from last summer. It’s actually kind of a refreshing take to go at it from a slightly different point of view before digging deep into the second draft. I’m noticing where some of the character flaws are at and really developing a better voice for my lead, who’s going to be getting a name change in draft two.

Lastly, I should probably give an update on what the job situation is still like. It’s been a bit since I really made mention of it outside of my wishes that the hunt was easier than it actually is. I’m still working the job that I was able to get in March. It continues to be part time, so I’ve been continuing the job hunt. Recently, I’ve had my hopes up a bit more than before. I’ve had a couple prospects that seem like they could work into something if things work out right, but that has to go well on my end and go my way on the employer’s end. There’s no telling how that will go at this point, so I hope that I’m going to make a good impression and be able to pick up a full time job out of this. Keep me in your thoughts, readers.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, the lunch dishes need to be cleaned up, then I need to get cleaned up to go to work. This big positive this week, I’ve got my first Saturday off in a month’s time! I’m going to use that sweet thought to help make the next two shifts go that much faster. If I don’t catch you all back up until Saturday, have a great end of the work week, all! I’ll be back sometime in the near future.


(NOTE: I’m going to put up my New Comic Day post here on Friday or Saturday, depending on what’s going on.)

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