Entirely Too Long

The title says it all.  It’s been entirely too long since I’ve written to the internet.  Translation: it’s been far too long since I posted on the site.  I can’t say things have been crazy, that would be an utter lie.  Every day for the last month and change have been doing job applications, checking on said applications, then being disappointed when I can’t even get an interview from said job applications.  Trying to get a job post-graduation in Muncie doesn’t exactly seem to be an easy task when you’re trained to edit film and video, and the few groups that do exist don’t seem to need anyone new on their staff. It seems like I’m possibly considered over-qualified in town for jobs that are the most common, retail and service entry.  So it’s a long haul for not much at this point.  I can’t really go outside of the area until I replace my dilapidated, seemingly un-fixable car, so it’s sadly a matter of the chicken and the egg at this point.  Today there’s been a few job openings that are closer to my field that I’m applying to which I hope will lead to at least an interview at some point soon.  Also, I’ve been actually writing again, as evidenced by this post.  I’m even working on a script with my friend Jeff for Script Frenzy and actually starting up on my first non-genre project on the side.  But what is the cause of this turn around?

I can’t really pin one thing down for sure, but if I want to try, I think I could say that having the chance to see some of my friends I haven’t seen in quite some time broke up some of the sad-sackery that was going on in my head.  I got to spend hours just hanging out, eating Heorot pizza, and enjoying the hell out of other’s company.  That doesn’t happen enough.  I may write on solitude (or at least partial solitude), but I’ve spent more than enough time on my own lately.  I’m ready to get back out again (at least once a week) and spend time with others just hanging out for a while.  With The Cup back, I’m hoping that this can happen much more often.  The job situation will change as long as I keep on it, so no need to worry too heavily yet.  I’ll give that a month or two more before that happens.

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