Familiar Turns

I’ve noticed something interesting in my head while I’ve been down here in Austin. I’ll have moments where I’m think about going places, and start to think through my route. There’s also just the times where my mind will just wander for a bit. The most interesting thing to come out of those wanderings in my head is actually my brain combining locations. I’ll be taking one of the streets here in Austin in my head, but then when I make a turn, it changes into part of the route to my Grandma and Grandpa’s place, or I’ll come to the streets that lead to the parking lot where I used to work. Once I’ve found myself in the country on that long route from home to work and vice versa. About a second after I realize it’s happening, the locations separate back out again, and the route in Austin continues being what it’s always been, and the route in Indiana is back to what it’s always been and the world is back to normal. I think it’s just my brain trying to work out the fact that both are part of the same world still. It’s not two different dimensions, but just two different points in the same space at the same time. It’s really kind of amazing the leaps the human brain can go to when it’s trying to make sense of the physical world around you.

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