Being a fan of something can be an utterly crazy experience sometimes. If you’re a fan, you really truly are into something in a deep state. This could be just being a fan, or you could be a fanatic, OR you could end up being a geek. None of these are inherently wrong in any way, shape or form, but they can be a hinderence if you aren’t careful. I’m a fan of certain things, but I’m a GEEK at other things.  I think MAYBE I’m a fanatic for one thing, though I’m not really sure if I’m quite at that level.

The thing that I’m quite possibly a fanatic for (but I’m at minimum a geek) is Doctor Who. Like any good self respecting whovian, I spent tonight watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics in London calling out for The Doctor to make his appearance to light the torch like he did back in Series 2 of Nu Who. Sadly, that did not happen. All we got was the sound of the TARDIS landing mixed into some music from the 70s. A mite disappointing, I must say. Eh, they can’t please everyone, though. Still got to see Matt Smith run the torch, so at least we got a little Who in there.

Tonight, I’m also taking a  chance on something I’m quite the fan of. I’ve listened to Daft Punk for going on near half a decade now. I love their style of EDM House, especially from the Discovery era. I’ve seen footage of their concerts, watched D.A.F.T. and Interstella 5555, but there was one thing of theirs that I never got to experience: Electroma. I’ve been wanting to see this for years but never had the oportunity.  It’s Daft Punk directed and produced, starring our favorite music creating robot/human hybrids, although we never actually hear any of their music in the film. It’s definitely a risk because musicians moving into film can sometimes just lead to something boring and bland. No real personality to it, just a way to sell a few more albums. Electroma seems to be the exact opposite of the money grab. Once again, none of their own music is used in this, and honestly, this is a film that is much closer to an art film than a cash in on their brand.

There’s major care to a theme.  Watching the two robots (who live in a world of robots near the same model) attempt to become human, fail, then get kicked out of society for this would be heartbreaking in any well written film. That is the case here, and somehow it works even better here with the long takes, and absolutely no dialouge to be found. The only evocative things we get are the visuals, the movement, and the music.  It really is a sight to behold and makes this that much better of a film. There’s a moment that I won’t spoil that’s around 50 minutes into the film. There is a brutal moment that has no words, but has the saddest feeling of loss that I’ve felt in a film in quite some time. That’s normally a tough thing to do with words when you’re doing a film, but here it’s completely silent minus one sound effect.  Electroma really is something that’s a sight to behold. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and I’m so incredibly glad that I’m seeing this.

I’m kinda surprised. I really ended up gushing about this movie that I’ve just seen for the first time. I mean, I know that this kind of stuff happens with me a lot, but I still didn’t really expect to have it happen in this case.  It’s always great to have a happy accident.

Things seem to be going well on this challenge I’ve run for myself. This is day four of the challenge, and as long as I keep it up with this post, I’ll have four days of 800 words. One of the days even gave me something new that’s fiction! FICTION! I never thought I’d get back to writing anything fiction again, and I really didn’t think that if I would, it would’ve come this fast. I’m starting to get this to the point where I’m starting (to a degree) to get myself to do it without even trying. I honestly nearly forgot today, but then I started writing about an hour ago and found it easy to go ahead and start out.  I’m starting to get somewhere where writing is coming slightly easier for me (though it’s still taking me quite some time to hit 800 words on a given day), it’s still starting to flow that I’m getting started much easier. It used to take me a ton of time just to get started. Now I spend more time on choosing my wording than choosing a topic. If I keep this up, maybe I’ll be ready for NaNoWriMo in November and write something kick ass that I’ll be proud of.

I can only hope.

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