Tonight, for the firs time in a year, I finished a script. Also, for the first time ever, I finished a script that was something of my own creation, and not someone else’s property. I wrote a Regular Show script last year just to prove I could do it (I don’t think anyone’s actually read it). I pulled it off and I really ended up liking it. The last original script I tried kind of fizzled after five pages (though I’d love to go back into it sometime in the near future). This time, it’s original, and it’s finished.  It feels so incredibly good, too.

It’s a short script. I’m keeping it to 11 minute length. I love the style of Adventure Time and Regular Show, and I felt I wanted to try something like that. What I originally thought would be a pilot, I realized is something that would be told later on in a flashback (considering it sits a bit different that what the rest of the show would be if it ever became a show). Also, since I watch Adventure Time, I’ve picked up on the habit of a soul-crushing story.  That’s what I was going for. I don’t think I got it quite there, but I don’t even know if this part of the story can make it to that point. Blame Pendleton Ward and/or Rebecca Sugar if i write something actually soul crushing at some point. I learned it from them!

Still, like I said, it’s finished and having something finished feels fantastic. It makes me want to move on to another project, write something else, and create in a world or create a world again. I feel a creative streak making a comeback.

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