Good Food, Good Friends

Man, it’s amazing how much some times with a few friends can make life more enjoyable.  Today was a relatively mediocre day (just like the day before, honestly).  Thankfully, I realized it was Thursday and that meant it was a wings discount day, and I had a gift card for the place.  I got a hold of a friend of mine and we decided we’d meet up at the undisclosed wing eatery.

Another friend of ours came with him  that I hadn’t seen in a while, so the night just kept getting better and better.  Being stuck outside of the main city here, I don’t get to see people very much if classes aren’t in.  Just costs quite a bit of gas to get in and out and then I’m only there for a little bit.  Tonight was absolutely worth it though.  I’ve not had the chance to talk football, movies, terrible movies, moving, comics, and just hang out in quite some time.  It’s something that I think everyone needs from time to time, or they’d just go insane.  I know without my friends I’d not be able to last too long here.  My family drives me utterly insane, I’ve gotta admit.

Folks, don’t take your friends and your time for granted.  They’re some of the best things you’ll ever have.

2 thoughts to “Good Food, Good Friends”

  1. I love that kind of stuff, you don’t realize how busy you’ve been until you force yourself to just chill with some buddies for a while (and, as a result, you don’t have time to think about the stresses of the day!). It’s like a total rejuvenation 🙂

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