Hoping to Hear Something

We’re coming up on mid-June and I still haven’t been able to find a new job.  I must say, to be honest it’s pretty disheartening.  Some places I thought that I had a high probability of getting an interview at or, in the case of one job, getting back a job that I’ve had previously, it’s all really seemed to go to bunk.  It feels like Muncie is just kind of a dead zone once you get a degree, or at least it is for someone who’s trained in media.  In six months, I haven’t landed an interview.  I just really am having a hard time comprehending that.  I haven’t been able to interview for a single job, be it office, food, or even retail based.  If I can get the interviews, I seem to nail it and get the job, but the problem hasn’t been passing through the interviews, it’s been getting past the application phase.

I’ve sent out so many online applications that my head starts spinning just thinking about it.  I’ve put out a ton of copies of my resume, with almost all of them including a brand new cover letter (the only ones that didn’t have cover letters were at places that just wanted my resume).  I’ve signed up for temp places, but haven’t seemed to have any hits. I applied within my job skills more than a few times (one of which would’ve been a dream job).  I’ve applied outside of my job skills even more.  I’d expand my search radius if only for the fact that I haven’t owned a working car since graduation.

I’ll put it in a tl;dr format: We’re halfway through the year, and I’m not exactly feeling great about my prospects.

The thing is, even with that against me, I’m still soldiering on.  I’ve put in another couple applications already this week, and I’m hoping to hear something. I’m keeping my eyes on job sites every day.  I job hunt whenever I can make it into Muncie.

It’s just seems like sometimes I may not be moving quick enough to keep myself from getting stuck. And honestly, that’s the scariest thing of it all.

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