Inspiration via Art

It’s kind of amazing getting a look at other people’s art.

I kickstarted the book Cuttings from Yuko Ota and Ananthymous of Johnny Wander fame. Anathymous writes for the majority of their series and collaborations (I actually found him originally via Applegeeks in high school), but I didn’t discover Johnny Wander until 2013, all thanks to Questionable Content‘s link. I’ve been reading it ever since. Yes, everything here is webcomic involved.  And yes, they’re also all brilliantly fantastic.

Looking through Cuttings (which I won’t post images of because I feel like you should pick the book  up when they make it available in the future), it is honestly inspiring, the work they created, and in some cases that Yuko created on her own is utterly inspiring from a creative standpoint. The majority of Johnny Wander are rather slice of life stories. They’re in real settings and just those slightly strange moments that can happen in the real world. But there’s also these side stories, like Girl With The Skeleton Hand that are just these really sweet stories, and these other abandoned, but genuinely cool looking stories like The Two Little Maidens and (I don’t know if this is still ongoing, I hope it is though) Walking Gods that just make me mad at myself for being so lazy as to not create more on my own. I have days where I can create and I don’t. But surrounding myself with art that just reminds me that amazing things can still be made is exactly what I need. This should be a habit that I nurture more than I do.

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