It Starts Anew

I’m fifteen minutes away from starting my first shift at my new job I was officially hired for yesterday. I’m working 5PM – 10PM tonight and tomorrow night, then I’m working 9:30 in the morning on Sunday through till 3 PM. That’s all I know of my schedule so far, so it’s not really all that bad; getting back into a schedule of things that aren’t at my command is going to take some getting used to again. I’ve been able to make my own schedule since I made it here to Austin back in January, and that was genuinely nice. I spent most days out in the sun when it was nice enough, or a ran errands, or both. I’d head to movies whenever, and I’d just try and take in everything I could. I’m on a work schedule now, though, so that’s going to get much harder to do, though I’ll still have my days that are free and days that aren’t.

If you’re taking that to mean I wish I didn’t have the job, that would be incorrect. I’m glad to have the work. It’ll keep me busy, it’ll let me be able to afford to stay here far better than what I’m doing now, and it’ll give me a chance to move on to cool things in the future, whether with this company or another. It’s just gonna be different. If you’ve met me, you’ve noticed that I’m hesitant to make changes, especially large changes in my life. Carrie can attest to me originally pushing the move to Austin down the road when the idea was first introduced. Austin has been my goal since I left school. You could ask anyone that was around me at that time and they would tell you the same. There was a complication on that, though. I had a steady job with steady hours and decent pay. I felt a bit stable at that point, and I didn’t want to make a change that could mess with that equilibrium. It took time, but I thought on the idea for months before I finally decided to make the move. It was a big risk, yet a worthy risk at the same time. I needed to convince myself to take the first step, and finally I did a good while after the idea was first mentioned.

Now, after hard work and some dedication, I do have a new job. I’m nervous as hell to start, I’m not gonna lie. Starting something new consistently makes me nervous. It’s time for me to start again today, though, and I’m going to do the best damn work I’ve done in some time once I’m there. If things work out, I’ll likely be writing more again, and I’ll be doing that on my off hours. If things really work out, I may be able to finally check off some of these projects I’m working on and be able to do something with them more than just constant work for no pay. Either way, a new start arrives today, and I couldn’t be more terrified and excited of it.

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