It was all I hoped it would be

This Monday was actually exactly what I was hoping it would be. I was MUCH better than Friday was. There was still some drama (which I don’t know how the hell it came around, but… eh), but it wasn’t anything that was as bad as what I was put through last week. It probably helped that I had something incredibly awesome happen as I was leaving for work.

I was about to walk out the door when the dogs were going nuts. That meant that either someone was walking up the street or the mail was here. my mom appeared out of nowhere and tossed this big cardboard… I guess you’d call it an envelope, thing to me. It was already opened, but it was addressed to me. I had no idea what it was, so I looked in side and instantly my expectations for the day shot up.

Inside were the three volumes of Johnny Wander that I had picked up through the Kickstarter for their third book.  There was a patch, and some art prints, too. I had no idea that they were already sent out, and I’ve been excited for them to show up ever since they finished up at the start of December. Finally having them in hand just made my day that much brighter, even in the rain and gloom of a strange 50 degree day in January. Thankfully, reading them just stood up to what I was hoping for. It feel like real life, and it helps to know that someone is doing real life with some of the same attitudes that you hold. It’s truly comforting. Now I just hope I can have as much of an adventure as other people have.

The thing is, I probably do have adventures like that, I just don’t notice them. Who knows what I’m missing?

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