It’s Fiction

I haven’t written a short story (and in this case I mean SHORT) in quite some time. I haven’t written any fiction in just about as long, but that changed tonight. I wrote my first fiction short story in quite some time, and I’m actually happy with the idea of it. Normally I would be hating it utterly and completely because I’ve never really had a high opinion of myself with my writing. It’s not that it’s all bad (I’ve had compliments on my writing in the past), but just that I keep feeling that I could be writing better than I currently am. By better, I mean I should be writing on the quality of some of the great writers instead of my still neophyte level I’ve been writing at.

Every once in a while though, I get lucky enough to realize that I do write some comedy. I did that with a Regular Show script from earlier this year, which I actually like all around. It’s one of the better pieces of writing that I’ve done. With this story I’ve written today, I like the concept of it, though I don’t think I really nailed down the actual writing of the concept. It’s a start, and that’s more that good enough for me at the moment. Honestly, that’s better than I normally do.

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