It’s Sad To See

I’ve been following the news most of my time that I was between school and jobs. Occupy Wall Street is something I followed literally from day one when they were doing a march right near Wall Street, before they had a hard time getting near it any longer. I watched it through the entire time it was in Liberty Square, to the arrests on the bridge, to the horrible evictions, through May Day, and then I’m still watching to see what they’re up to currently. They’re protesting the absolute inequality present in the United States as it is today.

I saw the story of Treavon Martin in Florida, knowing what happened was wrong and seeing reactions that generally worry me. The racist reactions, the amazing amount of money that keeps flowing in to someone who shot down an unarmed teen (almost old enough to be considered an adult), spoke in code to hide money from the court, and seemed to be trying to find a way to escape the country, knowing what he did was wrong and after realizing he might just get caught for it.

I woke up in the morning finding that there was a shooting in Aurora, Colorado during the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, watching a community come together after that horror, but seeing people talking crazy outside of that area. This person as it was so succinctly put in The Dark Knight just seems to be one of some people, “who want to watch the world burn,” or could just have been looking for attention after failing at his time at college. We don’t know what his motivation for that was at this point, and that’s honestly makes the situation that much more uneasy for everyone who heard about it.

I’ve been following the story of two men killed by police in Anaheim, California, with the subsequent protests and questioning from the citizens of the city being met with rubber bullets, beanbag guns, and dogs “mistakenly” let loose on areas where children are present with their parents. The people who had their cell phone cameras going during the protests are being asked by the police if they would be willing to sell the video, which would quite likely make the video enter a black hole where it would never be seen again. CBS is now pulling down the reports of police brutality off of Youtube with a copyright claim, which I find utterly disgusting and is helping the police get away with what they did more than protecting some major amounts of money that they could be getting on a NEWS REPORT. You can’t find Anaheim being mentioned on any form of news outside of the independent media either. Apparently, something similar involving a police killing is happening in Dallas as well, if Twitter is to be believed.

With all these horrible things going on all inside a years time, it almost could make a person wonder what the hell is going on with us. To quote a now famous sign out of Occupy Wall Street: “Shit is fucked up and shit,” and we honestly don’t know if anything can change that. Sometimes it seems like there isn’t a sane person around any longer who can make a difference.  Both of those are genuinely scary thoughts that honestly from time to time keep me up at night. The world is a crazy place, filled with some people who sometimes do crazy things.  Some are crazy only to the point where they would be willing to see people starve because they don’t have as much money as they do, even if it is of no fault of their own. Some are crazy enough to take up a gun and go into a group of innocent people and decide to start shooting. Either way, it’s utterly horrifying.

There’s got to be something good going on for the world, right?

Honestly, I can only come at it from the perspective of someone from the United States in this, but I think that I can still make a point that there is good in the world, something worth fighting for even with all this bad and evil that just continues to happen. Occupy Wall Street is showing us that people are realizing that there are equality problems and are starting to fight against that. In the case of the Treavon Martin shooting, the community started to come together to call for change. In Aurora, the community, though still in the aftermath of the horrors that are almost a week back now,  is coming back together and supporting each other and looking to try and find change in some cases when it comes to the sales of assault weapons. In Anaheim, the community is calling for justice not just for those killed, but those attacked by the police for questioning the over the top actions that the police took. There is still good, still people who care about what it right. It may not always seem like it’s all there, but remembering that it is makes it easier to get up in the morning and think about pushing for the good in the world to flourish that much more than it is.

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