Lateness Can Be A Good Quality (Sometimes)

Ok, so, this is going up in the afternoon  of the 9th.  Yes, that means it’s late.  No, that doesn’t mean you get off with only one post today.  I feel like I should defend myself with this one a little bit.

Yes, I did make a resolution to write 7 blog posts a week.  The way I worded it, yes, it said per day, and that’s the schedule I’m gonna try to stick to.   But I’ve really thought about it, and I’m not gonna call an early night to go home and post a new blog post just because of the resolution.  Basically, life isn’t going on hold for this blog. I may sound utterly pissy there, but I’m trying to not be,  That’s more me dealing with myself being an asshole to myself about keeping to my word.  I promise there will be a better post tonight.  I’ve actually got a lot I want to talk about today, so keep an eye out.

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