Well, it’s absolutely official now. The news that I’ve hinted at a few times, thought about constantly, and now have realized is finally able to be said out loud on the internet, for the people who care to read in black and white.

I’m moving to Austin, Texas on the 30th of December. I’m flying down with my friend Carrie, and then I’m going to do everything I can to make a life for myself in a new city. This is so far out of my comfort zone that it’s terrifying from time to time. I’ve had my days where I’m thinking, “You’re an insane person. You’re quitting your job to go somewhere else to try and get a different job. This is stupid. You’re stupid.” I may have had a night where I freaked out, but I come back to equilibrium rather quickly, and I get excited to move again. I’m in my last two weeks at work, so I’m starting to get a feeling that this is real. This is actually going to happen. The prep is all coming together, the plans are starting to converge, and things feel like they’re moving incredibly fast. Things are getting real, and I’m feeling more ready every day.

The hardest part I’ve dealt with so far had to be telling folks at work I was leaving. I felt like I was going to be letting them down by leaving. I was able to tell them last week that this was coming though, and since then, I’ve felt better and better about the decision.

I’m excited about the change. It’s an adventure. That’s not something I normally have ahead of me. I’ve got a ton of stuff to look forward to. I’ve got people to meet (that’ll be fun to deal with, considering I’m an introvert). I’ve got art to discover. I’ve got work to make and do. There’s a lot coming, and I think I’m ready.

I think.

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