Movie Memories

Last night was the Oscars, showing that the Academy doesn’t really think much about the movies any longer. Everything was about looking back, from bringing Billy Crystal back to host, to showing clips from movies that had come before while leaving a lot of modern classics in the dust. A lot of folks were thinking that the message wasn’t as much “Movie Memories” as it was “Please go to the movie theaters again!” I have to say I agree with that assessment. There were a few moments where they finally went off that theme to a degree, and really went with the memories. The interviews with the actors and directors and such showed exactly the magic that people find and get sucked into at the movies, especially that first time.

That got me to ask myself a question: what was that first big movie that affected me to such a strong degree. It’s tough to say because I can’t be sure what my first movie in a theater was, but the earliest I can remember is seeing The Rescuers Down Under. I haven’t seen that film in over a decade now, but I can still remember the opening sequence just wowing me. The attack, and then going through those grass fields into that canyon in Australia. It was just utterly stunning and awe inspiring as a kid, and I still remember ever beat of that sequence to this day. The rest of the film was quite enjoyable (just like the other Disney films of the era) and was great fun, but those kind of dynamic moments have always been some of my favorite things at the movies.

I want to work on films one day. I may not see myself as the person that can create those sweeping visuals. I’m not the strongest camera man (though I do have some skill with camera placement and angle), I’m not good with light, and I’ve never had the chance to really work in a director position. I do know I can edit though so I guess I can thank The Rescuers Down Under today for making me a movie fan and making me want to work as an editor. The movie magic, especially in the theater, is still there. I think it’s just lying dormant currently. Folks are waiting for the reason to come back to the theaters. One day, I want to give them that.

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