Now You’re Just Some Country that I Used to Own

I couldn’t resist writing about it. The macro is just too damn good!

Queen Sad
Queen Sad…

I don’t think I’ve laughed quite that hard in a long while. Well, while I’ve got an image related to the [I don’t want to say the name because I don’t want to be sued] Games, let me say something to the National Broadcasting Network. NBC, meet me at Camera 3.

Oy, I thought you figured it out this time through! Streaming options to phones, tablets and online. Multiple networks running different parts of the games. It was a respectable setup you had! Then you went and somehow found a way to botch that up. Hours long tape delays, cutting moments from the opening ceremonies, utterly clueless commentators who actually make it much worse than if they hadn’t said anything at all, blocking a good chunk of sports behind paywalls that only cable users can access. It really is an incredible shame. I was excited to see some of the footage from the [Once again, I ain’t saying the name. No reason to get litigious] this year. I’ve been waiting to watch the Women’s soccer team and some of the volleyball and basketball, but at this point, I’m expecting to hear the scores and highlights on Twitter, Tumblr and the rest of the internet before it even runs On US television and computer screens.

If you were trying to get the more internet conscious crowd to join up with you on this, you really lost them. I know of at least a few folks online who just proxied in and watched the Opening Ceremony live on BBC iPlayer, and then they pointed out how idiotically bad the US broadcast was (though we didn’t really need them to tell us that). You’re losing yourself precious viewers, NBC. You remember what the viewers are, right? Those are the people on the other end of that optic cable that watch what you make and consume the commercials that pay your bills. They’re more than willing to do this, if you make it easy enough for them to watch it.

And with a paywall, who are you kidding?! Let’s take an example from the paywall halls of shame, shall we? Newspapers have been dying off left and right, being replaced with the internet’s updated version of their work. Now, what does the newspaper industry do to try and compete? Do they try to do what the others do better to get more hits, which in turn gets more advertising and earns more money, which in turn keeps them running? No, they decide to paywall a lot of a of their stories so only people who pay can get the news. This is hurting them BIG TIME. They’re losing subscribers from their print edition every day, and more and more, the people who never subscribed with them in the first place are turning from the paywalled sites to ad-only supported sites that do a better job than the newspapers.

Another example? Sure, I can oblige you on that, but only one more. In this case, let’s take a look at Hulu. This isn’t even just a matter of paywall though, which actually most people can get behind in this case. It costs much more to produce a television show (that is non-news) than it is to print a news paper. People are willing to pay for the content. But then you have some networks that decide that a paywall isn’t enough. They decide that they’re going to hoard entire seasons of content off from the viewing public while it’s running on the televimisionabobber so that they’re pushed to television at a specific time. Honestly, this HURTS YOUR AUDIENCE. Some folks can’t watch things at specific times and can’t afford something like a DVR, so they just use the internet to watch it, but still patronize it by going through legal means that does end up sending ad money to the production companies involved. But doing this just makes people decide that they don’t want to deal with the bullshit and they move to not so legal means. It alienates an audience that… oh wait… wait, that was you?! Oh, sorry about that. I didn’t even realize that was…

Ok, this really proves my point here. You really need to stop looking into the past for your business, look to the future, and LOOK TO YOUR AUDIENCE. They’re the one’s you’re making paying for the creation of all this content for. Without them, you really are nothing because there’d be no revenue coming in and with that you’d be shut down. Really, seriously, listen to your audience, especially with something that will create news like the [Seriously, I’m not going to say the name. You can’t sue me if I don’t say the name, jerks]. People want to watch it. Please, just give them the opportunity to do that. You may not like the results otherwise.

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