On The Hunt For Full Time Employment

I had a rather fun night tonight, but it doesn’t take long for me to sink back down again. I want to give an update on the job situation that I’m in currently. I’ve been in Austin for almost four months now. I’m still living at my friend’s place, which I still can’t believe that they are gracious enough to share. I haven’t found full time work yet. I’ve applied for quite a few positions, but nothing has worked out the way I’ve hoped. I’ve got a few that are still open right now that I’m hoping will lead to something soon, but my experience is signaling to me that those may be slipping away at this point as well.

I’m going to be utterly honest here. I’m not happy with the position I’m in at the moment. I’m relying on the kindness of a friend much longer than I ever wanted or intended to. It’s been months and the only job I’ve picked up is yet another part time service job, just like I have ever since I graduated college. I’ve been wanting to work full time and be someone that can say they can rely on themselves for years now. I want to pay off my student loans. I want to be able to pay rent on a place that I can say is my home and mean it. I want to be able to do good work, I want to be able to be paid for it, and I want to feel like I’m actually doing some good in one way or another. It’s a lofty as hell list, but it still stands. Sometimes that still seems like it’s a viable possibility. Branches to different opportunities just open up and it seems like the different options are endless. I take a look at it a bit after though, and it feels like many of those branches began to wither moments after I noticed them for the first time.

It would be nice to see one of these branches of opportunity blossom into at least an interview, if not a job that I would enjoy. I know that everyone has the same hope, and I feel that they deserve to have that happen as well. It just gets really hard to see that happen over and over again.  It makes things much less easy to do over and over again, when it seems that each time, you’re going to get the same response.

What I’m really trying to get at is that the job hunt is absolutely disheartening when you reach the point I’m currently at. The repetitiveness that’s found in the whole process is grueling.

  • Find position posting
  • Check how to apply
  • Write new cover letter
  • Rework resume if you can at all
  • Sit back and hope you hear something
  • Not hear anything back
  • Not hear anything back still
  • Rinse and repeat

What just really gets to me is that I can’t understand why I’m having such a hard time. I’ve been applying for jobs since the second day I got here to Austin. The actual job opportunities that I have here compared to where I was living is a night and day difference. The problem I’ve run into, though is that the opportunities are appearing, nothing is really turning into a solid lead. It’s just me putting a lot of words out there, and getting a lot of nothing back, minus a very few other communications from a very small amount of businesses. In one way, I got improvement, but in another, absolutely nothing has changed. If I can’t get that positive change in both fronts, it feels like it’ll be a wash.

Still, though, it’s what I have to do. I need to keep working the part time job I’m in now, look for and work towards the full time job I’m hoping for, and just keep that going until something finally sticks. I’ve been told it works this way, and I really don’t have anything I can do but stick to the hope that it does and that the positive outcome(s) will show up sooner rather than later.

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