One Project Down

Well, thanks to some non-planning on my part and my skill of completely avoiding outlining my stories, SAGE has become my next multi-part story. There is something good that comes out of this, though.

I finished Part One of SAGE.

Looking back in one of my notebooks (I’m two years in on this new one and I still haven’t filled it, just to make sure you know I’m not some super-writer that’s filling notebooks every two weeks with due diligence), I found the exact date that I started with SAGE, though it didn’t have the name and characters at that point. It was a little bit of in-universe writing on an idea I had on January 9, 2015. It’s literally just one page of someone in the universe talking about what happened. The Incursion, the growth of Adventurers appearing in the world, the works. There’s barely any detail to it. The next day I wrote a bunch of details about the game, almost a pseudo GameFAQs or Wikipedia page for the game. That’s where the title first appeared.  From there, it looks like I moved to working on it digitally. Now, just a few days short of a year later, a stupidly messy first draft of plot holes and spelling errors has come fully into existence.


I’m proud of the fact that I finished it, and I’m proud of what it’s become, but man it has a rough start and became about something I didn’t expect about halfway through. It’s got more drafting ahead of it, but it’s done, and it’s time to shelve it for a little bit. The novella I wrote a few years back has been begging for my attention for the last little bit, so I’m starting to read through that now.

Yeah, it absolutely needs work.


Even though it does need that work, there’s something cool there. It’s got a bit of what I wanted from the story in there and after a few years of growing and changing, I think I can better come to grips with what the story’s trying to say. I don’t feel exactly the same way anymore, but now I’ve seen both the beginning and the aftermath of that feeling. I can see it in the full context and I can use that to make the story more than it was before. As it’s a horror story,  so I’m both terrified and ecstatic to get back into this world. Not gonna lie, I’ve been thinking back to some of my other stories, too. I’m hoping that I can get back to them at some point. I need to keep up on creating new things, too. I wrote a short 2,000 word story late last year that I was hoping I’d have ready soon enough to send into a short story competition. It didn’t turn out to be ready in time, but it was a good exercise for me. I’m gonna try and complete some more short work this year, which is a weakness of mine. If I start writing on something, I tend to write way longer than I intend to. It’s why my novel ideas keep getting split into multiple parts.  So, this year, I’m gonna push myself to write shorter, and more if I can. Life’ll get in the way, but maybe something nice will sneak it’s way into the seems between shifts and life events.


Also, while I’m on the subject and this is the first post I’ve put up this year, I may as well say that I’m really hoping I get to read more this year. I’m already making some more progress this year than I expected, and I’m proud of the fact that I’m actually reading outside of my preferred geneses. It’s always been something that I never did well, but I’m already making progress with a majority of what I’ve read so far this year being outside of science fiction and fantasy.  Short story collections are part of this.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, work’s calling in an hour, so I should probably get ready for it.

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