On this page, you can find what I’ve worked on in the past. As of right now, the only projects that I have are the projects that I’ve had during my time at Ball State University.  I’m currently working on my own edit of hitRECord.org’s Fall Formal from 2011, though I don’t know when that will be finished thanks to hardware and software issues.  As I create and work on more projects, they’ll be uploaded and placed here.



Demo Reel

Stories of Science (2011)
Lead Editor
Immersion class working with both the Teachers College and Telecommunications Department of Ball State University.


 In the audio work, I sadly don’t have anything that I can place on here without breaking Copyright law.  Most of the projects from my classes were either based on a copyrighted work, or were working with someone else who holds the copyright on the work.

The first is a project where I replaced foley only is a clip from Gunsmoke.  The second was recording a song for the band James Brown Car Alarm called “Stop The Bus (Let The Fat Kid On).  The last, and my personal favorite was a full audio replacement for a clip from the television series Cowboy Bebop.



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