Quick Post on a Nice Day (Lots of Little Notes)

I have work in a few hours, and I’m in the middle of a job application that I’m having to do some extra work on to finish digitally, so I’m gonna have to make a short post today.

It is absolutely beautiful here in Austin today. It’s not too hot, not too chilled, the sun’s shining, and even with work, I’m not in the worst mood I’ve ever been in. I’m hoping this feeling carries over for the rest of the day.

On a side note, I want to get a Snowball mic and do a podcast about something. It’s not the most expensive microphone in existence, but it has much nicer quality than others that I’ve heard in a similar price range. On the podcast part of it, I just want to do… something. I’ve been wanting to work on audio production things ever since I graduated. For those not sure about how long that is, That’s three years out. I enjoyed the hell out of that, but I’ve not really had any way to practice the art since then.

Also, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve wanted to do a podcast ever since I heard my first episodes of The Bugle and Comedy Bang Bang, I’ve wanted to be able to make a podcast of my own. One of these days, that may just happen, but I need to get at least (some) of the gear first. Thankfully, I do have Adobe Audition, so the software’s the easy part. Now I just need to see if there’s anyone else i know that would want to join in with me on this.

BRAIN BLAST! Dustin, we’ve gotta do our own weekly World Cup recap. That would be incredible, especially when the US gets bumped out of the Group of Death and we can’t keep track of every match being played. We’ll either sound scarily competent or hilariously uninformed. Either way, we win. Get Skype and a headset ready, buddy. We’ve gotta do this.


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