Radio Silence

Sorry for the radio silence on the blog for the last ten days. I was running into conflicting schedules with work, the time I was needing to write on a couple personal projects, and finishing up the reading of a few books that’ve been calling out to me for a couple weeks now. With that all done and over with, other than the stack of books that are still calling out, I’m back to the blog. Thankfully, I wasn’t being completely idle during that break, and I figured I’d share a few details on what’s been going on.



This post may be rather boring to folks, read at your own peril. I’d rather not bore you.


I decided to do a new draft of the script for Bryant of Betatax IX (the pilot) and last week I finally got it finished. I need to get it out to my test readers still, which I didn’t get to do with me finishing it just a few hours before I had to get to the first of my long shifts at work this past weekend. It’s one of my tasks for tomorrow morning, actually. The goal for this draft was to finally get a balance between drama/action to comedy. That is one hard as hell task when you realize that the person you want to be able to write like (Genndy Tartakosvsky) somehow found that fantastic combination and was able to keep it up. Still, this is one of the better drafts.

There are still problems with this one, though. One is that I still need to get my shots straight in the formatting and another is making sure I hit the exact page count I need to. I’ve got it at twelve pages right now, and I think I need to shave it down by one more page before it’s just right, even if there aren’t necessarily the time constraints of television when it comes to the possibility off getting on an online channel. Still working to master this craft, but it’s surprisingly fun work on. Don’t be shocked if I’m working on draft eleven next week.

Also, while I was finishing up on that, I finished reading all three of the (current) Expanse novellas. These are absolutely worth your time, but you NEED to read the other books in the series to see where exactly things fit in. They build the world (mostly) outside of the main cast of the books, and somehow have a way to make you care about them more and more. In The Churn, I learned more about conditions on Earth at the point in the future that The Expanse is taking place in. It’s made me more excited for the next book that’s about to be released here in a month.

Lastly, I really did need some time to take a bit of a break. The days are a bit grueling, especially on longer shifts, but I just have to keep up with it all, then I know I can go home to read for a hour or two while I read. I love that prospect. Books are one of my favorite things to be around when I’ve got free time, so getting to think about more reading is normally a good thing.

I was going to try and extend this a bit further, but every time I look away from the keyboard, I just start typing about how tired I am. Every other word just ends being “sleep” if I’m not paying close enough attention to the writing instead of the need to seep. Hope this finds the denizens of the net in good spirits.

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