May the fourth be with you, internet.

The site’s been neglected, but for an interesting reason I didn’t expect. For some reason over the last couple months, it’s been harder and harder to focus in the evenings. I don’t know what brought it on, but it’s been hard to get myself to write a lot of the time, or read, or much of anything. The evenings just seemed to disappear. Part of that is just the fact that I’m still having to do some things I don’t enjoy to try and look to the future. That will kill your want to do anything else that requires brain processing power power pretty quickly. You’ll just want to vegitate after doing something like that. So that’s what I’ve been doing a lot of. I still have been writing little bits and pieces, but I’ve only got a couple things I’m really happy with. Even with that, though, I’m actually happy with my writing pace. I don’t write every day, but I really love when I do write. I think I need to add more tea into my daily diet if I want to write more. I always write more when I drink tea.

On the reading note, by the way, I finally finished A Game Of Thrones. It took me nearly a year to get the time to read more than 20 pages at a time, but now that I did that, I finished the second half of the book in less than a week. An utterly fantastic read that makes me want to see what’s next. I’ll probably start on A Clash of Kings after I finish Caliban’s War, which has sat for the last couple months. I’m already over 100 pages in, but I just never got back around to it. That changes now. It’s sitting right in front of me, and I hope to read at least a bit of it before I leave to be social with other human beings tonight. Only time will tell on that front.

With the site, I’m not terribly happy with it’s current set up. It’s half done, I’m using a pre-made design, that while is quite useful, isn’t what I’m looking for now. What I need to do is move it in a whole new direction design wise, and as the months roll on, you’re going to see that happen. Keep an eye out.

Now, I need to ask you the reader a favor. I just finished a draft of an animation script a couple weeks back. It’s still a few drafts from completion, but I want to see if people can tell where I’m going with it. If you’d like to read and be willing to send your thoughts on it back, leave a comment with a way to contact you, or email me directly and I’ll get you a copy to look at.

There’s a lot going on at the moment, so if you’ll excuse me, I need to go work on something I want to work on, something I don’t want to work on, and listen to the mashup of Get Lucky and Suit &Tie 60 more times.

In other words, time’s a’ wastin’!

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