Second Drafts

Well, who knew that a second draft could make such a difference. I’m a few pages into draft two of a script as of right now. It’s the animation script that I brought up earlier that I’m hoping I can pitch to Federator Studios at some point in the near future. For now, at least I’m calling it Bryant Of Betatax IX and I really like it. In the second draft though, it’s already developed quite a bit. It’s a strange sensation to see it hold what I liked of the first, and change in tone a bit on the second time through.

I say this as if it hasn’t happened to me much, and and that would be a correct assumption. Second drafts didn’t happen a lot in college or high school thanks to time restrictions and other classes. I didn’t see a lot of evolution in my writing unless it was a genuinely long paper or writing project. It’s an interesting aspect to see happen, and while I’m not writing this second draft as fast, I think that’s because I wasn’t able to start on it until after 9 tonight and I’ve got work in the morning, and I did want to write on here as well. I wouldn’t be shocked if I have draft two done tomorrow. It feels that good. It feels right. It’s not as stilted, I’m getting some of the backstory in the dialogue, I’m getting the shots in the script now. It feels like it’s coming together. Who knows, for a little bit, I may even post it on here for folks to read. I haven’t decided yet (I want to share it, I just don’t know what the pitching protocol is like yet). This is like the process for writing my novel, but on fast forward. I’m months in and still not done with Overture, but now I’m weeks in, and I’m into the second draft on this pilot. It’s becoming a learning experience, and unlike pre-calc in high school, I’m adoring every bit of this experience.

Well, I shouldn’t have written about all that. Now I want to go write more.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go write more on this script. It is my gift, it is my curse. I’m a writer, and I want to be one and want to not be one at the same time.

Ok, now I’m just being melodramatic.

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