Sinking into a good book

I’ve been reading a lot as of late. Well, I haven’t read a full year’s of books at all, but still, my pace is quite a bit quicker than it has been this time in year’s past. I’m already up to 8 books. Three of those are Johnny Wander volumes, but that’s still 8 books all the same.

One of the books I lead the year off with may just be added to my list of favorites, though. For those curious enough to try a recommendation from a still burgeoning bookworm, I have to absolutely tell you of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. This is a book about book lovers in the 21st century. It’s a bookshop that exists in a world of Kindles, computers and Google. It’s one of those quirky bookshops that just seems to sit in the middle of where you’d least expect it, selling books that either you’ve never seen before, or are so obscure that you would have thought that you had dreamed it before. Of course, there is a lot more story than that, but I can’t really say much else without spoiling some really cool things that happen. Suffice to say, this is a book about a love of books, how books fit with technology, and the mysteries of the world.

I absolutely loved this book, which really shocked me, considering it isn’t genre fiction. There’s not a lot of literature that I can truly call myself a fan of, so to find some makes me think that either my tastes are still evolving, or I’m finally starting to hit my stride in finding good authors. Not that I really need to be hitting my stride at this point, I already have way too many books on my shelf. A chunk that I’ve read and loved, and a further chunk larger that I still haven’t even touched outside of buying them. Hopefully I’ll dig into them soon.

I’m thinking in the future, I may write some more about books I’ve been reading this year. It’s actually been quite fun. I’ve been writing a lot more as well, so I may throw in a few of my misadventures. This blog could actually become quite fun if I really try at it.

Here’s to having fun blogging!

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  1. That definitely makes me think of all the little indie shops around Austin…like the one I linked you to. Just doing their thing, trying to sell a few weird books. The atmosphere is what makes places like that. They’re not just a “BOOK STORE” (like a Books-A-Million, for example) they’re community hubs. At least that’s what they strive to be.

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