So Far, So…

Well, I’m a couple weeks into my new budget now. It’s not easy to stay on a budget, and even more so it’s a budget as restrictive as the one I’ve imposed on myself. I’ve had to do some extra driving I didn’t plan on doing last weekend, so combining that with the insane gas prices makes for a budget that’s even further squeezed than it previously was.

Suffice to say, I’m not going to be able to stay on budget with this one, though it is just by a hair. It’s a lot less money than I even spent from my last paycheck, so it is working out, even if I didn’t quite hit exactly what I wanted. It feels incredibly good to know I’m able to save and plan and do well with this. Makes the future look just a hair brighter in the distance, too.


Ok, I’ve got a bit of interaction going on here that I want to try with you internet dwellers. I’ve been in a conversation with a friend of mine, and the thoughts of what the definition of writing actually is. According to Vickie,

Bringing things to life on paper is the definition of writing…

I have to say that is a fantastic assessment of the act, but I think that definition may differ from writer to writer, person to person. In the comments, I want to hear what your definition of writing actually is. If the comments here don’t work for you, then you could try sending a message or reblogging your response to my post on my Tumblr, or even try to contact me on Twitter (you can reach me on there by clicking the sidebar link with my Twitter feed). I’m wanting to hear as many responses as I can, and when I get more than a handful, I’ll put up a new post with what you all say writing is to you.


This could be fun.


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