Take A Victory Lap

Today probably shouldn’t have gone as well as it has. Not that there was anything that seemed like it really was the start of something bad, it just seemed to go too well for it to be a day I was experiencing.

It was a day where I went to work feeling good, ended up being witty, having fun, not asking much help, and really doing a part of the job by myself that I’ve never done before. This is HUGE for me, especially the final part. It felt like the training wheels were off for the first time since I started my job. I really think I handled it beautifully.  I’d been worrying a bit going into work today thinking that I wouldn’t be able to stand up on my own like they were probably wanting me to at this point. Today, I didn’t just stand up on my own, I walked.

Sorry this whole short post is just being completely self-congratulatory, but I really needed that. I was thinking that being out of a job for as long as I was would end up screwing me over to the point where I’d not be able to hold up under pressure again. Today, I thrived, and that deserves a victory lap.

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