The Best Days

Those days where even though you have work, you have something going on after are actually some of the best days that I have. Today I had one of those. I spent a good chunk of the early evening in a coffee shop reading my heart out, then went out for dinner with one of my best friends. I don’t get to do it often, so that’s something truly special for me to be having go on in any given day. It’s just really amazing how much that can change the pace and feel of a week. It’s just been an okay week, but today made the week feel like it was something much better than the last few.

I need to do evenings like this more often. I know that it cuts into my writing time a lot of the time, but it really just feels fantastic. I need to at least do this once a week. It doesn’t just help release some of the excess anxiety, but it just makes life a bit more fun, and makes everything else a little bit easier.

I don’t really know what else to say today. I’m not going to hit my normal writing goal, but I absolutely do not have a problem with that. I’ve been hitting it more than constantly as of late, and I’m already finding it to be more of a habit that I love to have than a hindrance. Of course, I guess it is a tiny bit of a hindrance, consider I should probably be in bed right now, but instead I’m up at 1:30, writing a blog post about not terribly much that would interest other people in the world, more just to put some words down and see if I can sort out what it all means.

I think that’s exactly what I’m trying to do as a writer more or less. I’m working out the world around me, because my head won’t process it easily or well if it’s just left to it’s own devices to warp it into something unfriendly or unhelpful. Even writing something like this little creepy/horror short story I’m writing is helping me think through a few things. I don’t expect the horror ending to happen to me, but I guess that’s the beauty of writing, isn’t it? We can make some of the truly horrible things happen to us without causing ourselves much strife, but we can also make the most amazing things happen that wouldn’t be likely or possible in the real world, but it gives us hope that maybe we can get something that even slightly compares to that feeling. Maybe that’s what all writers attempt to do in their own special ways.

Execept for people who write academic papers. I swear those folks are masochists. They aren’t bad, but I’ve always felt there’s more pain than pleasure to academic writing. So many rules and regulations that make it hard to really feel like you’re creating, more just that you’re regurgitating what you have read and learned in the past onto the paper. Not all cases feel like that, but quite a few do.


That was completely and utterly ramble-y after a while, but I kinda like it. I may even do this more often. Some of the posts you see on here may be very much just a stream of consciousness  Those days aren’t me being lazy, but just me organizing my thoughts and the world around me.

Have fun trying to decipher it!

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