The Finish Line

Some of you have probably already heard this from me multiple times already tonight, but damn it, I’m excited enough to say it again. The first draft of my short story is finished! I love that feeling of crossing the finish line, knowing that you completed something. Even on a first draft, it’s a feeling you start to crave once you’ve felt it once.

Ok, so I’m not entirely finished. I’m only going to make a couple small tweaks before I get it to readers to test out, and but I consider the main work on the draft as complete. I’m gonna give a week for the folks that will read it to go through and tell me what they think, then I’m going to blaze through a second draft, then hopefully it’ll be good enough that I only need to do some polish. I’d love to get some more drafts out of it, but I’m running nearer to the deadline at this point.

Now, you may not know what I’m working on exactly. The short story is something I’m working on that I’m going to call Blue Radiance, at least as of right now. It’s a cyberpunk reworking of The Brothers Grimm fairy tale The Blue Light, where the ending… well, I zigged when the original ending zagged. It was a personal choice that I think was a better lesson than the original was giving. I don’t want to give away too many details about it just in case the best case scenario happens. What would that be exactly?


Yes, I’m submitting this story. I’m writing it for entry into a short story collection for the site The Book Smugglers. The theme they have are subversive fairy tale retellings, so I decided to do just that. When this is ready to be sent out, I’m going to be hoping that they get back to me and I’m one of the lucky few that get published. The story would go up on their website and also be included in an ebook and limited print edition. Up there with actually getting published, I would be getting paid for being published, too. I’d be paid by word and I would get a cut of the royalties when the ebook and limited print run go out (That information is on their site, linked earlier, which I’m not going to rehash here). This would be huge. I’ve not been paid for something I’ve written before. So not only would I have something to show other publishers/publishing groups that I have work, I know I can at least try to ask for payment for what I do send them. This is really something exciting for me. I’ve not even got the final draft done. I’ve not even sent this in. I know I’ve probably got a snowball’s chance in hell of getting it picked up, but I’m excited. This is new territory, and I’m hoping it will be territory I visit more and more often as time goes on.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, the pillow is calling my name, seeing as I’ve got edits and work tomorrow.

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