Time To Support Something

Ok, folks. I’ve been out and about a lot (mostly with work) in the last while, so I haven’t been posting on here. I’m hoping to do more now that my schedule is starting to even out, but we’ll just see what happens as time rolls on.

I normally wouldn’t do something like this, but I’m supporting a kickstarter that I kinda want to get folks behind. I decided a great way to get the word out would be to post it on here.

I’m a huge fan of Charlie Kaufman (I own at least one copy of most of his films) and I’m also a huge fan of Dino Stamatopoulos (Thank goodness Morel Orel and Mary Shelly’s Frankenhole exist!), as well as a big fan of Dan Harmon (COMMUNITY!!!). Get these three together on the same project and I’m instantly sold. It’s happening now, and it’s called Anomalisa and I’m really damn excited about it. I normally wouldn’t do this, but folks, if you’re a fan of any of them, donate a bit to the project. It’ll just make it that much more amazing.

I mean… COME ON! It’s a Charlie Kaufman script being animated by Dino Stamatopoulos’s studio, Starburns Industries! All outside of the studio system, so no notes and no watering down what will probably be a fantastic script.

If you aren’t sold by that, watch the video on their Kickstarter page. It’s amazing and reminds me yet again why I love stop motion animation. This is going to be awesome folks, I hope you’ll join me in supporting it and pushing it close to $500,000 dollars in the last few days.


I promise that I won’t shill like this again. I’m just excited about this project.

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