Turnaround and around and around

Today was one of those days where you realize just how much things can change from moment to moment. It was a particularly ugly weather day here. Rolling whiteouts, roads completely unplowed, ice underneath the mounting snow. The conditions were just right for mayhem. I just got lucky that my little corner of mayhem wasn’t all that bad. I ended up sliding into the rear end of an SUV, reminding me of that horrible feeling of knowing you can’t stop something, you can just try to minimize the damage of what’s going to happen. I was able to do that as well as the situation would really allow. The impact was small, and thankfully it being an SUV, it didn’t take a lick of damage. Not a single scratch.

I was glad for many reasons I didn’t damage those people or the vehicle they were driving. Everything went well between us, we ended up going on our way. The damage was on my end, and thankfully, it’s nothing more than cosmetic. The grill of the car got pretty busted up, but other than that, I couldn’t find anything wrong with the car. It made me thankful for the car yet again, and I was glad I was able to make it to work with no other problems.

At work, I felt horrible about what happened, even if the other folks involved said it was alright and that there was no damage or problems on their end. I can thank my friend that I talked to for pulling me out of that. She reminded me that we all came out uninjured, with really minimal damage and still working cars. That all helped pull me up bit by bit. Having a good day at work helped the good feelings get stronger, and by the time I needed to head home, seeing that the roads were actually mostly clear and dry, I felt good about my day, even with the really horrible morning that had been.

When I think about that, it’s amazing how a person can adapt so quickly. I don’t mean myself alone in this case, but humanity as a whole. We can move pretty quickly between moods and that could be a great thing for us. I know that if I wallow in a bad mood for too long, it starts to seep into everything else. It makes life feel worse than it is, and then it start to actually make life worse for you. If we’re lucky and are around or at least talk to the right people, we can bounce back and be better than before.

To those around me who help me along, thank you. You are amazing people that don’t get to hear that enough.


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